Qivana – Is Devin Glazier Who They Think He Is?

Qivana is just another MLM health and wellness company that has recently thrown its hat into the ring, or is it? They have done some things differently as far as the product line goes and honestly, that in itself is a breath of fresh air.

Their products concentrate on detoxing and cleansing first, therefore the subsequent Chinese herb and mineral regimen will be absorbed into the body more thoroughly resulting in better results all around.

At the financial helm if you will, is Devin Glazier, the Chief Financial Officer at Qivana. Not only is he the FO, but also co-founder along with Derek Hall, Rodney James and Justin Banner.

Devin Glazier attended Utah State University, where he earned his B.S. and M.B.A. respectively.

Devin Glazier has an impressive resume for someone his age. His accomplishments and experience are as follows:

Chief Financial Officer: Qivana

Senior Financial Analyst: Novell

Senior Director of finance: Xango

Through his experiences at different levels of business, Devin has honed his management skills in the areas of financials, investments, forecasts and cash flow budgeting. His negotiation skills are top notch and have been responsible for millions in investment funding and account management.

Responsibilities have also included senior level approvals of Fortune 500 Companies credit ceilings and limitations, concurrently while analyzing present company risks.

He also analyzed retention rates while implementing recovery systems, training for reps, promotional marketing, selling tools, business opportunity seminars and meetings and new sponsoring sign up models.

With the experience and integrity Devin Glazier brings to the table, Qivana has insured its financial strength by monitoring strong cash reserves and aggressively managing company set targets of profit for the industry and Qivana.

Most MLM companies fall short in their marketing direction and internal systems, and Qivana is no different in their mindset of going after your warm market In the present environment, one must embrace online marketing and utilize turn key systems with on going, real time marketing training to be successful in today’s market.

The days of chasing Grandpa and your neighbors are long gone. Most of your warm market doesn’t even understand MLM, much less the network marketing concept as a whole. Therefore, why in the world would you want to try and market to them? One of the keys to success in any MLM company or program is to market to targeted prospects only and using the internet to do it by the thousands while sitting in your pajamas

Most people in your warm market is simply not a targeted prospect, unless of course they are high level executive types or already own their own business. You wouldn’t market Harley Davidson motorcycles to 50 yr old women would you? Of course not!

Qivana did go one step further by providing a capture system that provides follow up emails to folks that have asked for additional information. Where the Qivana system falls short, is in several places in their marketing model.

To be successful in any MLM company or program, you must own your websites, autoresponder and email list….no exceptions. Besides, allowing someone else to control your destiny is bad business, and it is very difficult to rank your site if it is a company replicated website and Qivana will always own your prospects if you ever left them for greener pastures.

That is not to say Qivana is not a top notch MLM Company…they are when it comes to product development and their executive team.

But, where Qivana and most other MLM companies dont get it is, in not providing a turn key, step by step, real time training platform that teaches targeted MLM lead generation while creating cash from the 95% of people that say no to your MLM business. That is why only 3% of folks actually make money in network marketing.